"You know the rules, don't you? When you walk into a place you're bound by its own limits. I would be in your place in times to come, but for now you're in mine," he spoke as she parked herself on the couch right opposite him studying his unkempt locks then switching between his eyes and lips for traces of lies, if any, and truths in them. The wooden dial on its mount struck six and kept going.
"I fancy the rules you mean are unilateral. They are, aren't they? I give them a cold unwelcome. Would you like some coffee?," she spoke back and began striding toward the kitchen before he could say "I am to make it" and could only watch her balanced moves and admire her curvy aesthetics thinking so much of overweight is pretty healthy. The kettle clanked and opened its mouth for another cold-to-hot delight.

The windowpane was glad to be of aid. Looking through it she saw an avenue, an unlit lamppost, leaves dancing around it, and two skinny boys. They looked like they were twins. It also looked they were either hit just recently by puberty or will be anytime. The signboard hung on the lamppost that read Do Not Hoist your Bicycles or Other Stolen Goods had their notice briefly. They weren't peeking through the window it seemed but their eyes were prying around the house for certain. One will speak and the other will burst into laughter.
Do ye know why trees haf roots? So that they don't hafta wear de boots? It's not de socks eider! It's coz we won't ask dem to go away.
I thought it was...hahaha...fer de Sunde school teacher!
Hah...hah...hah...der can be too many reasons! I'm visitin' Jolly's morrow; wat bot you?
Tell me the nicest Ms. Lilly is, am too.

"They are Top and Turv. They look like twins but aren't. They hung giant chimes around the house exterior last week for a loud fun. It makes me wonder what they have in store for me this time around," he said back and forthing the kitchen length.
"Anything they have and bring about you will be all deserving of it. How I wish they burn the door down!," she playfully provoked him as she tried to break his to and fro and embrace him but couldn't so left an "ahem" and stirred the coffee.
How do you make the best coffee I ever did drink?
It doesn't take more than, say...a little sugar, the right proportion, and a lot of love.

"What do you see that I don't
Don't you say it
What do I see that you don't
Don't you ask it," he read from his mind's book, "that's something I read awhile back. It scared the bejesus outta me. It calls forth two-way secrecy."
"I take it as a cry for balance – you decipher something, the other person something else out of it, know what I mean? – and personal space: the give and take of it," she explained her understating of it and, "now you know, if you weren't knowing, that what you think isn't always what is." She arose from her couch to the one he sat on and sat beside him on the right-hand side sipping what was left of the cup. He finished his and instead of leaving the cup on the desk seated he arose from the couch, left it on the desk, and came and sat on the right-hand side. She finished hers, did as he did, came and sat on the right-hand side. She playfully pushed him with his shoulders imitating the sound of springs in friction to which he giggled and played along momentarily pretending to stiffen his posture.

On the street, Top and Turv had their backpacks loosed and assured each other what was to be brought is brought.
What about the rest?
You mean the crane and all?
Obviously, how did you arrange it?
As it should be! Jamal's cus is on them.
What did you bribe him with?
The two Labrador pups we stole from Dipu's backyard, what else!
The truck with the other stuff too, right?
Sure as hell!

Inside, the blinds were on and yet if you stood in there you could see a quiet snowball, a tiny aquarium with two fishes chasing each other, and before other things you turn back you see them on each other in a certain position; you switch to observing other things and see again they are in another position cuddling and moaning beside other things, and then you are back to other things. It will take time, certain things do, and this of all things must.
You have the greatest of grace and I mean it.
For once can you stop saying the same thing every single time? By the way, did you hear the strange noise around while we were at it?
You heard too? Must have been our guardian angels!
I need a drink.
She released herself from his arms and took steps toward the fridge...and let out a scream. Before the scream was a commotion, a movement inside the house through the window, something entered and exited through the other window. By the time he came to his senses she learned that it was a log.
It must be those little rascals. If I were a butcher I would skin them alive!
Sounds like the best thing ever happened to you! The shape your place is in...!
Here we're caught up in a conundrum and the answer is not me but you.
You mean if you could move into my place for awhile?
What else could I possibly mean?
Then, you know, tsk, the rules, don't you?
Is this the part I say I feel déjà vu!
The wooden dial struck twelve as he picked his stuff up and made a messy baggage out of it.

One thing we forgot, how could we have?
What would that be?
A signboard that read House of Love. What you think?
I think this much is self-explanatory enough...but if we must, first thing in the morning.
Hope so.
Top and Turv from a distance seemed pleased. Through binoculars the house, having the ashoka trees at each side pulled and tied to the roof, the stolen logs placed, and the one log through the windows with a sharp end painted in red in such a way, looked precisely a heart with an arrow through it.


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