Doors of Reception

I screeched witnessing what I witnessed. I should be pardoned for starting from the middle of nowhere because-. I stand eight foot tall and weigh-. I feel blitzed. I am a-. I should perhaps put it with a D. I may be taken proud for a BeingInItself. I do not defend my-. I defend what's behind me. Though it is not all the time the duty befalls me. My kind, they are one of its kind. You should know, I do not boast. I can be accused of pigeonholing. I can allow you that much. Holing, what is without-. There is a visitor, I will come to you. Welcome stranger. How may I assist you? I screech-. You there? Well, he does not seem to comprehend my tongue. It's awful but-. It should sound reasonable if I said I comprehend that not everyone thinks we speak. First we were conceived in the-. Speech came to us late. I feel shell-shocked-. I know I can be a pain in the keyhole. I will keep aside the burden of vindicating my- …and lock yarns with you.

There is this place called Neighborhood nearby. In it was a house that-. It stood up, they wanted to bring it down. It was dug-. They dug too deep it took long. It was leveled and-. The was stood detached. (To say 'It' is a disgrace to us, so 'The') The work took the toll of the workers, for the night the was not attached. The stood sad all by thisself no one to converse with all-. Not all night. Minions came by like they always do in the dreary night. They were four and had two hands and two legs apiece and Doman face. Hurrah they said and snatch they did the. They had it in mind to trade the for-. They tried the Dark Market and they could not even for a voice lock. It is too big to buy, they were told. They drifted away and chanced under the Tallest Tree. The screeched all the-. We will give our last shot with the Doman uptree, they told among themselves. A painter lived uptree in her tree house. They cawed from below for a trade. I got one and another would mean madness, she said. Then they asked, after a moment's discussion, if they can leave the at the top of-. The was too big to hide as well it seemed. She thought awhile and said they can but to leave some-. The house did not have a dome. As to why it did not, she said the whole point of living in Dom is to not have dome. The rest of the Dom, however, never did say anything like it. They climbed the spirals and left the over the top of the top of-. For little reason, she traded them a painting of hers. They tore the in four to share among and yet the made sense not just from one angle but all angles. The though was away from where the should be soon learned to be happy just lying front down over-. Between where the is and where the was the could hear what every door did say. It was more than mere screech. The painter would lie in her wooden bed and look up and count the rangels, the would add those that were beyond her sight. It took little time for her to realize she began to See only after the's arrival and that she began conversing with the in the's tongue. If doors of reception screeched-, she carved above a painting. This is a strange-. Stranger things began to happen. The place was invaded by beagles. At least it looked like it was. These birds that float far above and below horizon, came swooping down and stayed below their natural level. It caused panic because it was not just a pack of them but the whole-. It eclipsed light during day and during night it eclipsed sleep for they rested over short trees and over the dome of houses. Domans who are commonly said to be afraid of butterflies, at this juncture resorted to thought attacks in order to cope with bird attacks. The Force was called upon. They made way to air traffic by means of shielded crafts. They observed the happening from above to no avail. They suspended delicacies varying from cattle to vegetables to attract and divert the beagles all to no-. Smash them, said the Queen. Like it turns out in any combat, few collateral damages to civilian abodes were caused, only few were many upon scrutiny. Though it did scare off the beagles, those that died were many (like the few before), it did not divert their new-found pole of attraction. They became violent, which they weren't before this, and began to drill the ground with their beaks. Thus they made bunkers for hiding and resting places. Most of these were right below and beside fountains. The was safe where the was and the painter was not there when it happened and emerged from the trunk after the commotion had died. She became a prolific painter after this and lived long. Domans abandoned their coping skill but contemplated living in high places since-. Before anything, a statue was built in memoriam of the only casualty on the street, in the same posture he stood and took it, his finger pointing to a certain-. After a few analyses, the finger was alleged to point toward the tree above all trees, that had its roots deep down below, where lived the painter. Some said to bring her below and others the above to the's proper place. After a heated debate, she was questioned regarding the. She said she cannot remember where the came from and that beagles could have brought the up. The was untied and brought below. I know you are unafraid as you know you aren't made of wood and are indestructible, she said to the door. To others, what the said to her was a mere screech. Soon as the was laid on the ground, the ground beneath their feet began to shake. The beagles are drilling further down, everyone said. The door is their limit, they also-. They called upon the highest-flying craft. It carried the above the highest mountains and there where beagles dare to swoop, the was suspended in the-. After which, a cry broke from below that echoed between the stones of Dom, the beagles flew to their high places.

It is a pity how a certain essential is thought better off left unsung. Anyway, it is just a tale told by Domales to Dokids. A door is thought in-capable of reception. You tell them this, they will say: with us it is. -do not squeak. Some do, not all. All of us screech, only it's not what we mean. They agree on it but only on the former. There is a visi-. Oh! He is the child of this house. He's has been away, I remember now. I wish he does not open-. He does. This is something that should never have happened to him. There is nothing above and behind me. The house is in ruins. There is nothing but-. I stand at the mercy of the remains. He is standing there horrified. The fireballs dropped slip of hand, not sleight of hand, they said. Was it-? When I am enclosed by, say, a house you see things through me or nothing at all. When I am not, you see-. He is leaving now lock, stock. I know he has every right to. Yes, we spoke. It is not that imp-. I will say it anyway. You are not the only-, he said. He is right I am not.  In this state, not even one. -know your sympathies go with him. He deserves all-. What about me?


Why This and Not That!

This is by and large to hone so use-less a skill - narratives, dialogues, and all that falls between...